A splash of paint can make a huge difference in your home, whether or not it’s for resale, finishing touch on a renovation, or just a change in your favorite room. New Tone Painting can make your life easier by painting that room or your home, at a reasonable rate, with a beautiful professional finish. New Tone Painting will work with any paint provided, or any brand of paint you request us to use.

The paint that we love to use & recommend is SHERWIN WILLIAMS. There is a lot of different companies & brands of paint, but SHERWIN WILLIAMS has the best colors to choose from, & the paint is amazing to work according to our opinion. As an incentive for choosing NEW TONE PAINTING, SHERWIN WILLIAMS offers discounted prices on all their painting product range. SHERWIN WILLIAMS guarantees their paint, while NEW TONE PAINTING guarantees their services

We hope you choose NEW TONE PAINTING for your painting project.