Paints have always been in fixed colors. However, the utilization of paint for a canvas by an artist brings new life to it. Despite the creative art painting, these painting techniques are now being followed for the residential painting in Oshawa as well. The painters use just a few contrasting hues to create a magnificent representation. In this way, they transform a dull-looking premise into a creative living space that looks and even feels exciting. The following are some inexpensive painting techniques to spice up your spaces via a professional company or in a DIY remodeling project.


    Like the ruler stencil we have all used to draw alphabets, the paint stencils work much alike. However, these stencils come in various shapes and sizes depending upon preference. It is also a great technique for those willing to perform house painting themselves yet interested in going a little further than a plain coat. These stencils can be purchased from the market or even created using 3d printers. All it takes is a firm hand to hold the stencil in place and another to paint between it or outside it. To get the best stencils paints in Whitby, you can also contact us.


    Do you remember the chessboard? Well, it’s much alike. The harlequin pattern technique is best for the places where you want to save the expense of tiles but gets a similar-looking appeal. This technique is most suited for your kitchen and bathrooms with colors of your own choice. You can also choose bold hues to increase the impression and present a more sophisticated look. The harlequin pattern rollers are available in the market but its best to use a competent painting service provider in Whitby to meet your needs.

    Metallic essence:

    On their own, the metallic paints look amazing and catch the eye. But considering their price, using them throughout the house can result in a costly paint job. However, a greater option is to highlight some areas with the metallic paint which you intend to highlight. For instance, the space around a family photo, the television or above the fireplace with some decorations. Painting metallic is a complex procedure, and it’s always recommended to hire residential and Kitchen Cabinet painters in Oshawa.


    This painting techniques look sophisticated and excellent for spaces which needs a focal point. For instance, the wall in front of the bedroom can be painted in multicolor or bicolor stripes to create an exciting appeal. You won’t believe the change in appeal just by using this simple painting technique. However, perfection in painting is a must with this. Therefore it is recommended to hire professional home painters in Whitby.


    How would the walls in your living space look with a cloudy smugness all over them? That’s what this technique introduces to your walls. The sponging method is relatively old but still in trend with metallic paint touches to spice things up. The better you’ll work with the sponge; the better be the results. But, make sure to get a professional’s advice before implementing this technique for your house painting in Oshawa.