All You Need To Know About The Residential Epoxy Flooring

The industrial and commercial flooring options aren’t recommended for residential use, but those options can still be opted to reduce installation cost and increased durability. The most suitable one of it is the epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring was typically designed for industrial use featuring self-levelling capabilities, smoother glossy finish and endurance against heavy traffic. Epoxy flooring is installed over concrete to reinforce durability and stability. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain a hygienic condition inside the premises. If you want epoxy flooring in your house, make sure to consult with Newtone Panting. They’re a reliable name in epoxy flooring for your house.

Requisites Of Installation:

Caveats to epoxy flooring require the base to be precisely cleaned and partially porous to get hold onto the underlying surface perfectly. The underlying concrete must not be sealed and accumulated with wax or grease. Also, check the temperature is suitable for installation. Unfavorable conditions might lead to bubbling and irregular liquid setting to create a big headache. As epoxy is a two-part liquid mix and as soon as you combine them both, the timer starts providing little time until it turns hard as a rock. Therefore, you must always hire the expert and experienced professionals for epoxy flooring and never DIY.

Why Avoid Colorization:

The Epoxy flooring in Clarington for residential uses is not limited to a solid colour. Different people prefer a multicolor mix with a glitter effect to look amazing. However, this process succeeds mostly when kept simple. Professional flooring companies will charge more for the customizations but won’t tell you the odds. Therefore, our flooring specialists recommend hiring our customized paint services that can be tailored easily and differently consistently.

Epoxy coat vs Epoxy flooring:

Residential users can also choose epoxy coating on their concrete floors to get the same unprecedented benefits. The epoxy coating dries quickly and is very easy to remove as compared to epoxy flooring. However, with the epoxy flooring, aggregates can be added to increase traction while walking and avoid chances to slip even when wet and oily. Overall, both these flooring options are versatile and can be installed inside or outside the property.

Epoxy Flooring Advantages:

The user enjoys the following benefits for opting epoxy flooring as compared to traditional coating:

·         It offers flexible reflective properties as preferred. 

·         It stays durable against scratches, fading, and cracking.

·         It doesn’t require complex tools for its installation.

·         It can be cleaned and disinfected using regular products.

·         It provides a levelled and smoother surface to walk.

·         It can be painted like other surfaces for a unique appeal.

Epoxy Flooring Tweaks:

When installing epoxy floors, the user can request the service provider to add stones and pebbles at certain points to create an anti-slip path while keeping the rest of the floor shiny as glass. Colours and patterns can also be introduced to a clear epoxy solution to create patterns. You can also lay a vinyl printed sheet during installation to create a scenery on your floors.

Tips To Inexpensively Stain And Repair Wooden Essentials In Your House.

Restoring wood furniture is an effortless yet antiquated technique. However, for most of the methods, a professional hand is always preferred. Wood is an essential element of home décor, but with time it loses the smoothness and shine to scratches, bumps and even moisture. These oddities not only look bad patchy or swollen, but it also loses its luxurious feel. Wood is used to create cabinets, furniture, beds, and even decks and houses. But with every different use, there is a different wood restoration technique. You could paint them, stain them, varnish them and even epoxy coat to look flawless and protect it.

The following are some of the techniques used to preserve the wooden appeal while protecting the wood décor elements. They can be performed by yourself or by hiring a competent painting contractor like ours to get the job done anywhere in Bowmanville, Oshawa, Clarington, and Whitby region.

Natural Wood Restoration:

This Natural wood restoration technique is mainly used for the rocking chair out in the open, the wooden swing seat and other holders and wooden bowls. You can also use the strainers available in the market, but using coconut oil is a natural and scented alternative. Just apply a small amount of coconut oil on a soft cotton cloth and gently run it on the surface. Apply it in coats, and you’re done. Please don’t consider it for large scale projects as the oil costs more than artificial strainers.

Natural Stain & Darken:

Staining is another technique to preserve the wood mainly for the fence boards and the letterbox support beam. However, the natural way of staining wood is mostly used for the décor elements. For instance, experiencing an unusual tint by the dryness of the wood railing of the staircase, the wood getting lighter on the armrests or any unusual color change on your bedside. To inexpensively revive the lost shade, you can use balsamic vinegar or apple cedar vinegar to darken the light areas according to your preference. You can also perform this on your fences and toys as well.

Repair Minor Nicks & Scratches:

With time the wooden surfaces seem less smooth. It’s because of the minute nicks and scratches that present it a little rougher—often seen in places which are susceptible to touch or contact. To make them feel smoother and prevent any further damage, use three quarters canola oil with one-quarter vinegar and apply it onto the nicked areas. Leave it for some time, and you’ll feel a visible difference.

Repair Major Damage:

If a prominent part of your household wooden furniture chipped off, and you don’t want it to look awful, rest assured because you can repair it. Our professional preference is to use Bondo. Even though DIY restorers use crushed noodles and quick glue, the Bondo works way better. Plus it’s also easier to work with. Mix it up as much as you need and spread it into the uneven gaps and damaged section. Allow it to settle and then sand it to smooth. You can repaint the area with a seamless appeal.


Modern Painting Techniques To Consider For Your Next Paintjob.

Paints have always been in fixed colors. However, the utilization of paint for a canvas by an artist brings new life to it. Despite the creative art painting, these painting techniques are now being followed for the residential painting in Oshawa as well. The painters use just a few contrasting hues to create a magnificent representation. In this way, they transform a dull-looking premise into a creative living space that looks and even feels exciting. The following are some inexpensive painting techniques to spice up your spaces via a professional company or in a DIY remodeling project.


Like the ruler stencil we have all used to draw alphabets, the paint stencils work much alike. However, these stencils come in various shapes and sizes depending upon preference. It is also a great technique for those willing to perform house painting themselves yet interested in going a little further than a plain coat. These stencils can be purchased from the market or even created using 3d printers. All it takes is a firm hand to hold the stencil in place and another to paint between it or outside it. To get the best stencils paints in Whitby, you can also contact us.


Do you remember the chessboard? Well, it’s much alike. The harlequin pattern technique is best for the places where you want to save the expense of tiles but gets a similar-looking appeal. This technique is most suited for your kitchen and bathrooms with colors of your own choice. You can also choose bold hues to increase the impression and present a more sophisticated look. The harlequin pattern rollers are available in the market but its best to use a competent painting service provider in Whitby to meet your needs.

Metallic essence:

On their own, the metallic paints look amazing and catch the eye. But considering their price, using them throughout the house can result in a costly paint job. However, a greater option is to highlight some areas with the metallic paint which you intend to highlight. For instance, the space around a family photo, the television or above the fireplace with some decorations. Painting metallic is a complex procedure, and it’s always recommended to hire residential and Kitchen Cabinet painters in Oshawa.


This painting techniques look sophisticated and excellent for spaces which needs a focal point. For instance, the wall in front of the bedroom can be painted in multicolor or bicolor stripes to create an exciting appeal. You won’t believe the change in appeal just by using this simple painting technique. However, perfection in painting is a must with this. Therefore it is recommended to hire professional home painters in Whitby.


How would the walls in your living space look with a cloudy smugness all over them? That’s what this technique introduces to your walls. The sponging method is relatively old but still in trend with metallic paint touches to spice things up. The better you’ll work with the sponge; the better be the results. But, make sure to get a professional’s advice before implementing this technique for your house painting in Oshawa.

How Was The Paint Industry Introduced In Oshawa?

Oshawa is a city in Ontario on the shoreline of Lake Ontario. Approximately 60 kilometres away from the city centre of Toronto. The city has its roots tied to the Canadian general motors extension. Founded in 1876 it operated by the name McLaughlin Carriage Company. However, once recognized as the automotive capital of Canada, the city is more of an educational and health science hub. The official vehicle production seize imposed at the end of 2019. Both the designing and marketing staff, as well as the labour at assembly line together, faced layoffs. The actual figures were not known; however, it was said to be in the proximity of 2300 individuals.

History Of Oshawa:

Oshawa, like other Canadian cities, became the interesting point of European merchants for the fur trade. Beavers, other animals and cattle fur was traded in return to the valuables brought from the developed Europe of that time. But the place which now is Oshawa was initially a trading post constructed by French in 1760. However, the lack of persistence in trade led to the abandonment of this place after a few years. The construction set there for quite a while and later in the 18th Century; these ruins provided shelter for the first settlers that came this way.

Oshawa In 18th Century:

In the late Eighteenth Century a nearby inhabitant, Roger Conant, began a fare business delivering salmon to the United States. His prosperity pulled in further relocation into the area. An enormous number of the establishing settlers were United Empire Loyalists, who left the United States to live under British standard. Governor John Graves Simcoe, and the ensuing area awards, populated the zone. At the point when Col. Asa Danforth spread out his York-to-Kingston Street, it went through what might later become Oshawa.

The Economy Of Oshawa:

Oshawa is the central station to General Motors Canada, which has vast scope producing and authoritative activities in the city and utilizes a large number both direct and in an indirect way. Since Windsor, Ontario houses Chrysler Canada central command, and the two urban areas have something of a well-disposed contention for the title of “Car Capital of Canada”, which is presently held by Oshawa. The economy of Oshawa mainly depends on large scale manufacturing and production. In spring 2016, Oshawa positioned No. 1 city for occupations in Canada when contrasted with 33 urban communities over the country. Automotive industry in Oshawa:

Col. R. S. McLaughlin and “Billy” Durant marked a 15-year contract in 1907, under which the McLaughlin Motor Car Company started to produce vehicles under the McLaughlin name, utilizing Buick motors and other mechanical parts. 1908 Buick has converted into General Motors Holding not long after, and in 1915 the firm obtained the assembling rights to the Chevrolet brand.

Introduction Of Painting In Oshawa:

The greater urge to manufacture development somehow contributed to the need for better paints to preserve the bodywork for long. Many water-based paints were introduced as well as other clear coat to double the protection. The same innovation was also adopted for the residential painters to paint the properties as well as other essentials to protect the integrity for long. That’s how the painting industry developed and still working with full force to satisfy the needs.

Welcoming A New Born, A Memorable Child’s Room Renovation.

It was a summer call, a couple in their late twenties were expecting a baby boy. They previously had bought all the essentials for the newcomer but only left to recreate the space. They approached us after the man’s brother has referred them. The clients were both lovely and requested if we could give them our best shot for a home makeover. The way of communication touched our heart and we, at that very instant, decided to provide them with a surprise of their life. We went to inspect the room which we had to renovate and noted their specific desires.

Though the budget was not so expensive, still we planned a fantastic contrast of sky blue with orange accents for the cabinets and window trims to create some depth. Before proceeding, we made them understand that this project is going to be a surprise, so we wanted them to indulge in their life processes, and rest assured of the paint job. The couple agreed to it and were very excited to hear our offer. They even went out to their relatives, giving us complete privacy to proceed with our work. After the material shopping, we reached back to the place and started working.

Initially, we carefully assessed the walls and ceiling for damages, moisture, and mould, but there weren’t any, thankfully.  We then proceeded with the priming. All sharp angles adjoining the ceilings from the walls and walls from the floors were replaced with curved trims. We also added led strips alongside the room to create luminance even when all the light are gone so the child may not get scared. We even decided to paste a vinyl mural on the main wall with animals and trees to create a safari appeal. The pictures had to be animated and cute looking.

While we ordered the vinyl sheet, we started painting the ceiling. It took us about 6 hours to complete the ceiling with zero oddities. The next day we initiated painting the trims around the walls. The curvature is always delicate to work in, but we still managed to do things quite precisely. Eventually, the walls were painted, and when the staff rested for the paint to dry, we felt so good to see how amazing the contrast was looking. The door paint was not in the request, but the white door was spoiling the contrast, so we communicated the client and told them what we’ve planned.

They again touched us by saying that it’s their surprise and they won’t share any more personal views about it. The door had some textures, but we flushed them all by filling them and making a seamless appeal as of other walls. Once the paint was ready, the vinyl arrived. The character selection and the colour scheme went amazingly perfect with the plan. For a day of wait and cleaning process, we called the clients to come and have a look.

The women literally screamed out of happiness when she first looked at it. They thanked us a lot, served us all the lunch and then we departed with good wishes for the baby and the parents. The clients even call us sometimes and also share memories of their boy playing in the very same room we renovated. We’ve enjoyed a lot working with them.

Best Painting Experts

New Tone Painting, is providing high-quality painting service for the past 20 years in the surrounding areas of Clarington and Bowmanville. Our team of expert and experienced professional painting contractors and painters can handle any sort of small and medium scale residential and commercial painting, remodelling, redesigning and renovating projects. At new tone painting, our main objective is to spread awareness of our environmental friendly painting brands and attain optimum customer satisfaction by giving them the high-quality painting finish that we have to offer. Rest assured that your house is in the hands of an honest and hardworking team of contractors and painters, and we treat our clients or customers property as one of ours.

Our Services

From our wide range of painting services we also offer the following services:

  • Interior and exterior paint
  • Kitchen cabinets replacement and finishing
  • Epoxy door finishing
  • Epoxy floor finishing
  • Textured painting
  • Spray painting doors and cabinets
  • Door replacing
  • Drywall fix

The services mentioned above are offered for both commercial and residential properties. And all of our services are guaranteed with a high-end finish. You imagine it we will paint it.

Brand We Use

The brand of paints used for paint services, whether it is exterior or interior .are environmentally friendly and can withstand all sort of weather conditions throughout the whole year. The brand used to paint your commercial and residential property are as follow :

  • Benjamin Moore
  • Sherwin William
  • Wsib Ontario
  • Dulux

All these brands are top of the line and well known globally, at New Tone Painting, we cannot compromise on the quality of our work and also in the quality of our product.

Booking With Us

In just a few simple steps you can start your painting project with us, just call us at our helpline number or visit the nearest store situated in the surrounding area of  Clarington and Bowmanville. At New Tone Painting our specials services include free estimation and free inspection we do not charge for looking at your commercial or residential property for painting, unlike other painting service providers who will charge you for almost anything that they could come with.

Area’s We Are Providing Service

Currently, New Tone Painting is providing their painting services in the area of Clarigtion and Bowmanville, with a good response from our clients and customers we are happy to announce that expansion of our business in more areas of the city of Durham is under progress.