The industrial and commercial flooring options aren’t recommended for residential use, but those options can still be opted to reduce installation cost and increased durability. The most suitable one of it is the epoxy flooring. Epoxy flooring was typically designed for industrial use featuring self-levelling capabilities, smoother glossy finish and endurance against heavy traffic. Epoxy flooring is installed over concrete to reinforce durability and stability. It’s also very easy to clean and maintain a hygienic condition inside the premises. If you want epoxy flooring in your house, make sure to consult with Newtone Panting. They’re a reliable name in epoxy flooring for your house.

    Requisites Of Installation:

    Caveats to epoxy flooring require the base to be precisely cleaned and partially porous to get hold onto the underlying surface perfectly. The underlying concrete must not be sealed and accumulated with wax or grease. Also, check the temperature is suitable for installation. Unfavorable conditions might lead to bubbling and irregular liquid setting to create a big headache. As epoxy is a two-part liquid mix and as soon as you combine them both, the timer starts providing little time until it turns hard as a rock. Therefore, you must always hire the expert and experienced professionals for epoxy flooring and never DIY.

    Why Avoid Colorization:

    The Epoxy flooring in Clarington for residential uses is not limited to a solid colour. Different people prefer a multicolor mix with a glitter effect to look amazing. However, this process succeeds mostly when kept simple. Professional flooring companies will charge more for the customizations but won’t tell you the odds. Therefore, our flooring specialists recommend hiring our customized paint services that can be tailored easily and differently consistently.

    Epoxy coat vs Epoxy flooring:

    Residential users can also choose epoxy coating on their concrete floors to get the same unprecedented benefits. The epoxy coating dries quickly and is very easy to remove as compared to epoxy flooring. However, with the epoxy flooring, aggregates can be added to increase traction while walking and avoid chances to slip even when wet and oily. Overall, both these flooring options are versatile and can be installed inside or outside the property.

    Epoxy Flooring Advantages:

    The user enjoys the following benefits for opting epoxy flooring as compared to traditional coating:

    ·         It offers flexible reflective properties as preferred. 

    ·         It stays durable against scratches, fading, and cracking.

    ·         It doesn’t require complex tools for its installation.

    ·         It can be cleaned and disinfected using regular products.

    ·         It provides a levelled and smoother surface to walk.

    ·         It can be painted like other surfaces for a unique appeal.

    Epoxy Flooring Tweaks:

    When installing epoxy floors, the user can request the service provider to add stones and pebbles at certain points to create an anti-slip path while keeping the rest of the floor shiny as glass. Colours and patterns can also be introduced to a clear epoxy solution to create patterns. You can also lay a vinyl printed sheet during installation to create a scenery on your floors.